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Welcome to a new segment of our website, where we look to specifically target clients in Croydon and its surrounds, answering a number of questions we’ve recently received from them. They’ll cover the various aspects of what we handle as both a carpet shop and flooring shop situated close by Croydon in nearby Purley, as well as the miscellanea(but essential) flooring services we provide.

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Croydon Clients’ Questions Answered

When should I opt for carpets?
Due to the warm and comfortable-under-foot qualities that carpets can bring to Croydon properties, we think they should always be on the table when looking to cover hallways, lounges, bedrooms and similar areas. Any quality carpet shop – such as Image Carpets in Purley – will carry a collection that varies from deep pile, luxurious and soft carpets, to more hardwearing, short pile carpets designed for more high traffic areas. However, those wishing to pursue more modern and minimalist interior design aesthetics may wish to opt for engineered wood, laminate or vinyl flooring products, and bring some extra warmth with a well positioned rug or two!

What formats does vinyl flooring come in?
LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) and vinyl sheet. Products in LVT format, on display at our flooring shop and available to see online, are typically patterned to mimic natural materials like stone, wood and ceramic. They’re quick and easy to install, a breeze to repair should one be damaged, and versatile. Sheet vinyl flooring is usually a cheaper option, and needs to be laid in one or two pieces to minimise the number of seams in the end product.

What’s the difference between solid and engineered wood flooring?
Solid wood boards are cut from singular pieces of timber, while engineered wood flooring is made from a number of layers of wood that are pressed together. The upper most layer of the board is a veneer of hardwood wood, while those below are usually soft wood, HDF or plywood. Croydon clients looking for something with higher resistance to moisture, and a lower level of maintenance, should consider the advantages of engineered wood flooring.

Is laminate flooring suitable for bathrooms and kitchens?
While many laminate products stocked by shops and carpet shops like our own near Croydon will perform fine in high moisture environments like bathrooms and kitchens, wood can, over time, swell if not carefully looked after. This is why most opt for something more synthetic, like vinyl flooring.

Are there other flooring services you provide beyond supply and installation?
Despite being best known for the supply and installation of carpets, and wood, laminate / vinyl flooring products, we also repair carpets and rugs – and stock high quality maintenance product like professional carpet cleaner.

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